What is share market and how to learn? |What is share market in Hindi| What is Share Market in Hindi?

What is share market in Hindi? Complete information about share market in detail. What is share market? , What is share market in hindi? , Share Market full information in Hindi?

Welcome to this, in this Stock Market Course|Stock Market Training in India, you will learn “Stock Market” from “Basic to Advanced” in a structured manner “Step by Step”. This “Stock Market” course is divided into total 5 modules. Which you can learn very easily through this course. After doing this course you strengthen the foundation of your stock market.

This stock market course has total 5 modules of stock market training. Some Ish types |इस स्टॉक मार्केट कोर्स में स्टॉक मार्केट प्रशिक्षण  के कुल 5 मॉड्यूल है| कुछ ईश प्रकार:–

i) Stock Market for Beginners (Stock Market for Beginners)
ii) Futures and Options (Derivatives) (Futures and Options (Derivatives)
iii)Technical Analysis (Technical Analysis)
iv) Fundamental Analysis (Fundamental Analysis)
v)Investment and Earning Strategy (Link and Earning Strategy)

i) Stock Market Course for Beginners (Share Market for Beginners) Module:-1

Before understanding “Stock Market”, we will understand the word “Market”, why do we go to the market. To buy something from the market, it can be any kind of item like:- book, copy, dresses, mobile etc. Similarly (Similarly) if we want to buy shares of a company then we go to the “Stock Market”. But these days we do not need to go anywhere. Because most of the process is done online. The word we have used here is “Stock Market”. When we add a lot of shares, we call them “Stocks”, so here we say “Stock Market” or “Share Market”. So both have the same meaning, so if we have to buy or sell shares of any company, then we need the stock market, then it has an important purpose. If you are a “Buyer”, if you have cash and want to buy a “Stock”, then “Stock Market” helps you to find a “Seller”, and if you are a “Seller”, and you already have If you are holding some shares and you have to sell those shares, then the “Stock Market” finds you a “Buyer” to whom you can sell your shares.

What is stock exchange in india in 2024?|2024 में भारत में स्टॉक एक्सचेंज क्या है?

Finally, what we are doing in “stock market” is exchanging “stocks”. You bought the shares from a seller, and if you already had the shares, then you became a seller and sold the shares, then here you are exchanging the stock. Here you are able to “buy” shares only when someone is “selling” his shares, and you are able to “sell” only when someone is “buying” his shares.

So here it means to say that here you are exchanging stocks from one hand to another, so to say “sell” or “buy” to exchange securities or stocks, there are a total of two stock exchanges in India. The first is

i) BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) which is Asia’s first biggest stock exchange in India.
Stock Exchange was history of stock exchange in hindi and the second is

ii) NSE (National Stock Exchange) which was established in 1992. Apart from this, we have many stock exchanges in “State” but most of the trades take place within the biggest stock exchange in India “NSE” or “BSE”.

How to buy shares in stock market|In Share market how to buy Shares| शेयर बाजार में शेयर को कैसे खरीदें | शेयर मार्केट में शेयर को खरीदने के तरिके

There are two ways to buy shares of any company in the stock market, firstly i) IPO (Initial Public Offering) or – Primary Market: – You can buy the shares of the company directly when that company is issuing its shares for the first time. And secondly ii) Secondary Market:- These are many companies whose company shares were removed 20,30,40 years ago. So at that time many people could not buy, so today if we have to buy those shares then how to buy, whatever shares we buy through exchange, we buy through “NSE” and “BSE”. We buy these shares from those who had already purchased the shares. It is called secondary market.

Note:- That means someone has already bought the shares, and after that we are buying the same and whenever we have bought the shares directly from the companies, we call it i) IPO (Initial Public Offering) – Primary Market. That is, when the company brings the shares in the market for the first time and you buy the shares for it, then we buy those shares directly from the company. And for that, when you demand shares, it is called “Primary Market”.

Must read this book before buying shares in stock market.

Can We Buy Stocks or Shares directly from Stocks Exchange Website Or Apps?

We cannot buy shares of any company online directly by visiting the website or apps of the stock exchange. That is why the stock exchange has made us its registered members. If we describe unregistered members in technical language, we call them as depository participants and other depository participants as brokers. If you want to trade, buy or sell shares, then you have to open an account with a broker. And you can start your trading activities by opening an account with any broker.

Note:–Trading activities means if you want to buy or sell shares then you can do it through a broker. This is similar to a bank, like RBI will not let you open an account. But if you open an account with a private bank or a public bank, then if you do NEFT or transition from there, then the transaction settlement is done through the route of RBI only. In the same way, when you do whatever you do with the broker. If you trade, it will go to the exchange and after that whatever you are buying or selling will be settled.

The two links of Exchanges NSE and BSE

i) Website of NSE

ii) Website of BSE

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You will get complete information about the companies on the websites of these exchanges. What is the company’s tab vobhar? What is the market capitalization of the company? The share prices of companies are moving in the same manner. What is its lot size? How much turnover has happened? What is the profit of the company? Who is the management?, Who is the promoter? Apart from this, you will get to see many information on the website of the exchange. And you have to buy after seeing this information. So the broker with whom you opened the account. Through that you can buy or sell shares.

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