Small Business Ideas – 12th pass, 3 government courses of only 3000, earning 30 thousand months person

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Small Business Ideas – 12th pass, 3 government courses of only 3000, earning 30000/months

Low investment high profit startup business ideas 

Whether you are a student or a private employee, a retired employee or a housewife, if you are 12th pass, you can easily earn ₹ 30000 a month by doing a professional certificate course with a fee of ₹ 3000 from any government university. Neither any machine nor any shop is needed for this. It can be done as work from home and part time job.

1. Be a certified journalist

Rural Journalism and Mass Communication certificate course is conducted under distance learning program in many government universities of India. The course is completed in just 6 months. Almost all news organizations require trained journalists in rural areas but 1% trained journalists are not available against the demand. By doing this certificate course you can become a trained journalist. Because of this, on one hand you will get priority in TV channels and newspapers etc. and on the other hand you will get importance in government institutions. On the basis of this, you can also publish your newspaper magazine.

2. Vedic Mathematics certified teacher 

Vedic Mathematics teachers are needed in every village and city. The highest demand is in metros and in high profile societies. Presently Mathematics is taught, it is not considered sufficient to make Indian students expert in Mathematics. Vedic maths makes any child a genius. This is the reason why the tuition of Vedic Mathematics is also conducted in private schools. You can understand yourself what would be the value of a certified Vedic Mathematics teacher from a government university.

3. GST consultant

GST is a big problem for the small shopkeepers of India. His monthly income is not enough to hire an employee for GST. Chartered Accountant does not allow to stand at his door, because he has more work of big businessmen. In such a situation, you can become a GST consultant by passing the Goods and service tax certificate program. You can work full time like a professional or you can do work from home i.e. part time business by maintaining the accounts of shopkeepers around your house.
The most important thing here is to pass a certificate program from a government university. Being a distance learning program, you can pass the certificate program sitting at your home. The best thing is that their courses are very simple. You can pass this certificate program while doing your job, studies or any other work. Notice : This is a copyright protected post. do not try to copy this article)

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