discovery of anode rays |Discovery of Anode ray (Proton)|The best way of explanation of Discovery of Anode ray(Proton)

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discovery of anode rays|Discovery of Anode ray (Proton)|How anode was Discovered|anode rays were discovered by

 As we all know, all atoms are electrically neutral.
 Hence, after the discovery of the negatively charged constituent (electron) of an atom, attempts were made
to discover the positively charged counterpart of electrons.
 In 1886, Eugen Goldstein was one of the first to observe the proton.

Structure of Anode ray tube
 He used a discharge tube containing a perforated cathode.
 He filled hydrogen gas in Anode ray tube.
 Gas pressure was not too low.
Formation of Anode ray
 When high electrical voltage is applied to hydrogen gas, the electrical energy removes the electrons from the
hydrogen atoms.
 After the removal of negativity charged electron from a hydrogen atom, a positively charged particle called H+ (proton) is formed from anode and called anode ray.
 These rays passed through the holes of the cathode, travelled in the form of a stream or canal and produced
a red glow on the other end of the discharge tube.
 The single positive hydrogen ion was seen at least as early as 1886, but it was not thought of as the proton.
It was thought of as a cation at that time.
 Goldstein discovered positively charged particles to be made of H+ions, (later named protons).
 Several years later, in 1917, Ernest Rutherford discovered that the hydrogen nucleus is present in all
elements, proving that all elements have protons.
 So, as Rutherford was the one who ultimately verified it, the credit was given majorly to him and not
 These are made up of positively charged particles known as protons. Hence, the proton was really first
discovered and named by Ernest Rutherford.
Think and Discuss.
    FAQ of Discovery of Anode ray (Proton)|anode rays were discovered by|How anode was Discovered|
Question 1. How is the sun related to protons?
Answer 1:–Sun is related to protons these are the following reasons…
• The proton fusion process they is the source of energy from the sun
• The energy from the sun both heat and light energy originates from a nuclear fusion process that is occurring inside the core of the sun.
• The specific type of fusion that occurs inside of the sun is Known as proton fusion that is the reason why sun is related to protons.

Q2. Are all protons are identical of different elements?
A2 :-Yes, Protons are identical of different elements because elements have different numbers of protons present in the nucleus
  For example:- Hydrogen, protons are exactly the same as protons of hilium and all other elements.

Q3. What are protons made up of?
A3:-Protons made of two up quarks and one down quark and neutrons contain one up quark and two down quarks. The nucleus is held together by the “Strong nuclear force” which is one of four fundamental force are gravity and electromagnetism and two others.

Q4. Does the proton also spin like electron?
A4:- yes, proton also spin because the direction and strength of a proton spin determines its magnetic and electrical properties. That changes to the Protons spin also alter it’s structure.

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