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Application Development

Web Miracle deals in customized software solutions. We are having strong development team that ensure you a delivery of world class software/website by applying the best of the software engineering activities. We are using UML and Unified Process/Rational Unified Process(RUP) to ensure you the perfect software.

We are working on iterative development process that will ensure the quality of the software as well as client's interaction during the process. We perform following Activities during Project Development.


During this stage we gather the project requirements from the customer, and analyze this data to determine the project goals and overall tasks. We need active interaction with the customer during this time. We will also estimate the amount of work that has to be completed before the project begins. Usually the client provides us with an initial specification document, which outlines their needs and the project goals. We take this document expand upon it and return to the client for clarifications and to put forward our suggestions. In some cases clients are not able to create a complete initial specification for the project. If that is the case, our specialists will create the specification document by interacting with the customer's subject matter experts.


After the specification document is finalized and agreed upon by both parties, our specialists will create a project estimate (the required budget and timetable). At the same time the project implementation plan will be created. It will consist of the project start and finish dates, and the dates of the completion milestones for the phases of the project.


After the project plan is approved and the contract is signed we will start development. During this stage the customer will have access to all the project materials, source code and documentation so that they will be able to control and oversee the whole development process. Implimentation At this stage the application is ready to be integrated into the customer's business. We deliver the application as a turnkey solution. We will install and configure it accordingly to your hardware and business needs, or send you an installation program. We can also train your staff if necessary.


We provide 30 days of free support for our applications. The support stage includes bug fixing, adjustments, and any necessary corrections so that the customer is satisfied with the product.

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